Seriously dedicated "craftsman's spirit"


The encounters with you empower us and encourage us to aim to contribute to the world.

Our company was founded at the end of the 19th century before the Russo-Japanese War.
The company’s business during my great-grandfather’s time was manufacturing farm equipment.

Since then we have used our production technology capability to focus on manufacturing stainless steel containers and we accumulated a great deal of know-how meeting the needs of our customers in a variety of industries.

After the collapse of the Bubble Economy was truly a difficult time, but our one hope at that time was our encounter with the many excellent “hands” and “hearts” of our veteran craftsmen.
Most of the value added of our products come from the extraordinary “hands of our craftsmen.” And these “hands” come from the seriously dedicated “hearts for producing things.” We can call this the craftsman’s spirit.

To our veteran members who are well known in the industry we added young and middle-aged members with strong ambition who take on without hesitation challenging products that many in the industry shy away from.

One of those major challenges was “manufacturing equipment for pharmaceuticals.” Even as everyone was surprised at the high level of requirements for that equipment, one of our people said: “There is nothing that somebody else is already making that we can’t make.”

Thanks to our members today we also contribute to society by manufacturing much pharmaceutical equipment. It is our hope that the difficult machinery we manufacture is somewhere helping someone’s pain to subside or illness to heal. It is such thoughts that are our pride and joy.

The encounters with you empower us and encourage us to aim to contribute to the world.


Company name
President and CEO Hiroshi Inoue
20,080,000 yen
Number of Employees
Office workers: 8, Field workers: 20
Main Banks
  • Mizuho Bank Ltd, Nada Branch
  • Amagasaki Shinkin Bank, Fukae Branch
  • The Shoko Chukin Bank Ltd, Kobe Branch
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Sannomiya Branch
ー Headquarters Factory ー

6-1-1, Motoyama Minami-machi, Higashi-Nada-ku, Kobe-shi 658-0015
Telephone (078) 411-6816 FAX (078) 453-0255
750 square meters head office factory

ー Nishiyodo 1st factory ー

2-9-105, Nakajima Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi 555-0041
Telephone (06) 6477-0565 FAX (06) 6477-0585
Nishiyodo 1st factory – 610 square meters

ー Nishiyodo second factory ー

2-9-105, Nakajima Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi 555-0041
Telephone (06) 6476-5481
Nishiyodo second factory – 412 square meters



Established in 1895
Our founder Minekichi Inoue began manufacturing and selling farm equipment in Ashiya City.
Tamenosuke Inoue inherited the family business and began manufacturing and selling architectural hardware sanitation equipment.
March, 1952
With 300,000 yen in capital the company is restructured as a corporation with Tamenosuke Inoue as the first president.
April, 1953
The company moves to the current location where a new factory has been built.
March, 1966
Begins manufacture of tanks (iron, stainless steel) for specially equipped vehicle transport.
August, 1966
Begins work on stainless steel industrial plan equipment.
March, 1968
Kiyoshi Inoue is appointed as representative director.
May, 1984
Capital is increased to 20,000,000 yen.
April, 1985
Okubo Factory construction begins.
May, 1984
President Kiyoshi Inoue passes away. Tsuneo Aoki is appointed as President.
August, 1998
Noriko Inoue is appointed as President.
Okubo Factory is relocated. Nishiyodo Factory construction begins.
Ono Factory construction begins.
Hiroshi Inoue appointed as President.
Ono Factory is relocated. Nishiyodo Second Factory construction begins.
January, 2014
Vietnam subsidiary
INOUE VIETNAM,CO.,LTD is established.
April, 2014
INOUE VIETNAM begins operation.


Transport Equipment

– 5-ton ceiling crane (x 2)
– 3-ton ceiling crane (x 7)
– 2-ton low-head crane (x 3)
– 1-ton low-head crane (x 1)

Cutting Machines

– Band saw (x 1)
– Air plasma cutter (x 3)
– Metal saw (x 1)

Press Machines

– 60-ton hydraulic brake press (Model SPH-60C) 835m/m (x 1)
– 150-ton hydraulic brake press (Model PHS 160 x 310) 3,100m/m (x 1)
– 400-ton hydraulic press (table dimensions) 1,500 x 3,200m/m (x 1)

Welding Equipment

– TIG welder (x 20)
– Micro TIG welder (x 1)
– DC and AC arc welders (x 10)
– CO2 semi-automated welder (x 8)
– Automatic Turn-style welder (x 5)

Machine Tools

– Tri-pyramid shaped bending roll (electric) 9m/m x 3,000m/m (x 1)
– Drill press (x 3)


– Truck (3-ton) (x 1)
– Truck (2-ton) (x 1)
– Truck (1-ton) (x 1)
– Regular automobile (x 2)