Inoue Ironworks Co., Ltd., (hereinafter “Company”) will take great care in the handling of personal information in strict accordance with the laws governing the handling of personal information recognizing the importance of such information.


Collection of personal information
  1. The collection of personal information shall be limited to the scope of the Company’s activities for the purpose clearly stated and shall only be used for the said stated purpose.


Use and provision of personal information
  1. The personal information collected by the Company shall only be used within the scope necessary to accomplish the stated purpose of collection and use.
  2. The personal information collected by the Company shall not be provided to a third party except in the following cases.
    • (1) When legally required
    • (2) When agreement is received from the individual
  3. If the Company desires to publish the customer’s personal information on its website, permission from the individual must be received in advance and the published contents must be those created by or agreed to by the individual.


Management of personal information.

The Company shall strive to properly manage the collected personal information to prevent it from leaking to a third party, being destroyed, being altered, or being lost.


Disclosure, correction, etc., of personal information

If the individual requests disclosure of the personal information collected by the company that relates to him or her, the Company will disclose that information to the requesting individual after confirming the requester is indeed that individual.
In addition, if the individual requests that the personal information regarding him or her be corrected, that information will be corrected pending confirmation of the required investigation that will be performed without delay.


Change in privacy policy

The Company may change the privacy policy due to changes in the pertinent law and for other reasons. The changed privacy policy will be posted on the Company’s website.


Personal Information Confirmation and Inquiries

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